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Powerful. Flexible. Seamless.
Pandora makes ideas happen.

Designed with flexibility at its core, and hosted on state-of-the-art infrastructure, Pandora can build and run the products that will set you apart.

Our less-stress SaaS model means you can get on with your job.

Now that’s admin made easy.

Get to market faster

Designing, testing and launching new products used to take a while. Pandora’s adaptable SaaS model makes quick delivery a reality.

Access anywhere, anytime

Run your business processes securely from anywhere, 24/7/365. All you need is a web browser, some training and you’re good to go.

Be connected

Take advantage of Pandora’s existing integration with CRMs, underwriting engines and aggregators – or we’ll build one for you.

Scale when you need it

Running Pandora on the cloud means you get a secure and flexible platform that offers scale when you need it. We’ll also locate your cloud wherever gives you peace of mind, whether it’s on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Geared for the connected customer

We’ve made sure every interface is set for multi-device use. Delight your customers with a frictionless experience anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The power to drive digital

Work with our in-house experts and harness Pandora to deliver your digital strategy. Run customer self-service
through our environment and get rid of needless human input. You’ll reduce risk, lower costs and improve user experience.

Leading FS brands are using Pandora now.


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Release your digital genius with Pandora.

Create a superior digital experience, available anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Secure login sorted

We take security seriously. That’s why we work with your in-house teams to make sure it’s up to scratch. Passwords, security questions and system-issued pins all come as standard for user login.

Easy-view product options

Let your customers model the effects of rebalancing their investment portfolio. Or allow them to get a quote for a top up of their insurance cover. It’s all possible with Pandora.

Many devices, same seamless experience

Connected customers on the go expect a frictionless experience, whatever the device. Using Pandora means they’ll get it, whether it’s on a smartphone or tablet.

Making a claim made easy

Insurance customers want a frictionless online claims experience. With Pandora they can upload supporting evidence to validate a claim and track its progress in real time, meaning less stress for them and lower costs for you. meaning less stress for them and lower costs for you. Simplify making a claim by managing it online and the ‘moment of truth’ will become one to remember.

Total transparency

Every interaction with an account will be visible to you, your customer and your intermediaries as needed. Your customers can access all documents and reports using Pandora’s intuitive diary function. Total transparency means improved experience for the customer and less inbound queries for your teams. Win win.

Streamlined applications

Purchasing a product should be easy. Let Pandora get rid of the hassle: use our own underwriting capability or connect via API to a third party. Let Pandora get rid of the hassle: use our, your, or a third party’s underwriting capability, all connected seamlessly via API.

AnyTime updates

Keep your stakeholders up to speed and give them the ability to get an up-to-date statement of their account holdings, dividend or CGT position anytime they want.

Sign online

Less paperwork equals happy customers, so give them the power to sign online. We work to the highest data security and compliance standards, and all of our technology and controls are best practice.

Change the way you pay

Updating bank details, cancelling or changing direct debits, shifting their collection dates – all of this can be done in a few clicks with Pandora.