Case studies

We make ideas happen. And we’re proud to say we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in banking, insurance and investment, helping them maketheir visions for innovative products and services a reality.

When we combine our expertise with the power of the Pandora platform, we can launch products in weeks, not years.

That’s not all though…

Take a look at our case studies and see how we’ve helped market leaders get fit for the future.


HSBC made a bold decision to re-enter the Protection market. But change had begun to hit the industry.

The leaders had caught the digital innovation bug: they were investing in new ways to speed up the advice and sales processes, respond to their customers’ needs and give them an all-round better experience.


Aviva have made no secret of their aim to set the pace of the insurance industry’s digital transformation.

As part of their drive towards change, they wanted to give customers who were not users of the MyAviva portal the ability to access their information and complete key policy management processes online.

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