OPAL readiness for Coronavirus - Update 03/04/2020

Date posted: 03/04/2020

Update on OPAL readiness for Coronavirus

Operational Resilience

We have continued to work on our contingency plans and phased approach to split our teams and as planned, from Monday 30th  March, we had 85% of our staff working from home with the remaining office based staff abiding by the strict social distancing rules. We also have laptops and equipment prepared for home use for the remaining office based staff should this be needed.

We are now focusing on solutions or work arounds for office based tasks should the Government guidelines change and closure of our office be enforced.  All of our managers are reviewing processes in their areas and we are collating their responses.  Should there be tasks we are unable to fulfil or where a work around solution is required we will discuss these with the relevant Client Companies in advance of making any changes.

We are pleased to report that we have no COVID19 related illness to report for any of our staff members. 

Call and business Volumes and SLAs updates

We are delighted to advise that throughout March we maintained all telephone SLAs for our Clients due to the excellent effort by all of our teams during the transition to home working.

We will continue to monitor SLAs during April and provide updates directly with all Clients.

We have started to receive and share queries from your advisers and customers where guidance is needed on how to respond.  Thank you for your support in providing updates for the teams in these cases.

While the banks remain open we continue our daily run to bank customer cheques, however, we would encourage clients to send funds electronically to the relevant bank account for their products.

Royal Mail has not advised us of any plans to change, however, we are monitoring this closely.

We remain committed to providing ongoing support and services to your advisers and customers and will continue to provide you with further updates over the coming weeks.

Should you have any further queries please contact the following:

Amanda Kay - amandakay@opal-uk.com

Sarah Lister and Leah Bishop - AccountManagement@opal-uk.com

Colin Buckhurst - colinbuckhurst@opal-uk.com

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