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Every problem is an opportunity in disguise

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise - By Eoin Lyons

Our CEO Eoin Lyons thoughts on Life insurance innovation - Published in Verdict

The life insurance industry has been urged to “tell a story, find the need and the moment of truth” in order to more effectively innovate and connect with customers.

Sales of IP are increasing but is this performance or market forces?

Our CEO, Eoin Lyons examines the growth of income protection sales this year.

Call recording on mobile devices for financial advice firms

At OPAL we’ve developed a solution applicable to firms of any size as part of the Pandora product. The intention of the solution was to meet the need of firms who want to use the data from calls made in the field for training and development as well as to protect customers and ensure continuity of service. - By Eoin Lyons

Straight from the horse's mouth

A digital customer journey gives us the opportunity to adapt and improve much more rapidly than before. Financial strength and security is a key brand value in financial services but being easy to do business with as well as innovative is quickly catching up - By Eoin Lyons

Don't keep score

Don't keep score - By Eoin Lyons

Complaints are an opportunity

My experience tells me that bad service usually comes down to poor communication and not a fundamental flaw in the solution itself. Not telling the truth, not being clear, and not being in touch often enough cause the frustrations. Customers can usually deal with honest management of their expectations. - By Eoin Lyons

The Irish in Britain and "Brexit"

The Irish in Britain and "Brexit" - By Eoin Lyons

Using - not abusing - the network

Some thoughts on how to make best use of and not abuse the network - By Eoin Lyons

You decide where you need the hole, what size it should be, and we’ll supply the perfect drill….

Global financial services businesses should certainly be experts at engaging with their customers and designing products and services that meet their needs. In other words knowing where the perfect sized hole in the wall should be. It seems many are spending money to accelerate and vertically integrate technical capability. Buying the parts and learning how to build a drill. - By Eoin Lyons